Transporter Driveaway Service

One unique service Bressler’s, Inc. offers is the transport and delivery of new and used large commercial vehicles. There are some scenarios where a vehicle needs to be moved, but a company has no driver to do the job and towing the vehicle is unnecessary and expensive. This is where our transporter service steps in. Bressler’s, Inc. employs a crew¬†of CDL drivers and multiple¬†chase vehicles¬†to handle your delivery needs. Our TWIC card equipped drivers are also capable of delivering vehicles to the various ports in the northeast. Call Bressler’s, Inc. for short-notice or planned transporter services today.

Premiere Transport Service

Bressler’s, Inc. has a near-zero damage record in our transporter division. We maintain such a high-level of excellence by employing top-tier drivers¬†and maintaining a “quality over quantity” business model. In our road service division, we see expensive mistakes made by transport companies almost every day. We¬†may not be as inexpensive or employ the quantity of drivers as our competitors, but when you trust us to complete your move, you can rest assured your vehicle will be delivered without expensive damage or lost time.

Types of Trucks we Move:

  • Refuse and Recycling Trucks
  • Dump Trucks
  • Cement Mixers – Front or Rear Discharge
  • Fire Engines of all sizes
  • Tractors
  • Tractor Trailers
  • Box Trucks
  • Straight Trucks
  • Tour busses

TWIC Certified Drivers

Need a unit delivered to the port? Bressler’s, Inc. is well-versed in port procedures and employs TWIC certified drivers. We have experience delivering to the Port of Baltimore and the¬†Port of Norfolk, VA. We also work with TWIC Escorts when necessary to stage deliveries on strict timelines.

Alternative Fuels

We have extensive experience operating, delivering and fueling CNG vehicles. We transport vehicles of all types – gas, diesel, CNG, propane and more.

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