Commercial Fleet Towing Contracts

Bressler’s, Inc. has decades of experience providing round-the-clock towing service to some of the country’s largest trucking fleets. From food-grade tanker loads to boxtrucks to dumptrucks, we’ve been satisfying customers with timely, professional service for many years. We’ll go coast to coast at the drop of a hat to ensure your rental customer is happy or your load arrives on time. If you need consistent, reliable service to keep your fleet rolling, then rely on our talent, equipment, and personal service to keep your equipment on the move.

Dedicated Partners

The most passionate business owners can never stop thinking about how to grow bigger and better. At Bressler’s, Inc., we understand that. If you rely on us for your commercial towing needs, it’s one less hurdle for you to jump over in growing your business. Know that with Bressler’s, Inc. if you go big, we’ll go big too. We’re the only towing service in the area that can send multiple trucks to multiple states at the same time and still maintain our local business demands. When you rely on us, rest assured that you have a partner that’s reasonably priced, highly responsive to your needs, and extremely reliable.

Unmatched Service Network

What makes Bressler’s, Inc. unique is that in addition to offering 24-hour towing, recovery and road service, we’re a towing equipment dealer. That means we’ve sold and serviced tow trucks and rollbacks from all over the country, and have built long-term relationships with reliable towing companies just like ours. If you need service outside of our area, we’ll send somebody we know will offer you the level of service you’ve learned to expect from Bressler’s, Inc. You’ll receive the bill from us and updates as if it were one of our professionals completing the service. Maybe your fleet isn’t large enough to justify the cost of a third-party breakdown management company. When you contract Bressler’s, Inc. for your fleet service, you effectively gain this at no extra cost.

Swap Outs – Day or Night

If you’re based in our area – Berks, Lancaster, Lehigh, Lebanon or Chester County – one popular option is to have us hook up a good unit at your location and take it to your down unit’s location and swap out. This keeps your driver and your payload moving and reduces your towing and repair costs. If having your truck fixed where it’s broken is not an option, this is the best way to get it back to your garage and save money on repairs.

GPS Tracking

Our trucks are equipped with GPS tracking. Our 24-hour dispatch center can tell you how close we are to getting your truck back in service. If you need a roll-time for your driver, we keep up-to-date information on our arrival and clear times so that you can know exactly when your driver pulled out from his location of disablement.

Road Service is Always an Option

Many of our heavy-duty wreckers are equipped with basic road-service tools. In many cases, we can attempt to fix a variety of problems on the roadside in order to reduce your costs and downtime. We also have fully-equipped road service vehicles dedicated to roadside repair.

Contact our dispatch 24/7 to speak with us about setting up a fleet towing contract.

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