Miller Industries Whelen Core Flex8 Remote Transmitter

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Replacement Remote for Miller Industries heavy-duty wreckers with exclusive Whelen Core wireless control system.

This replacement Miller Industries Flex8 remote is labeled with boom, underlift, and winch functions. The Whelen CORE system is used on most Miller Industries heavy duty wreckers 2023 and newer. Remote includes a lanyard. The Miller Industries CORE Flex8 remote is not yet available in a rechargeable format, but is expected to be by end of 2023.

Remote will ship from Miller Industries direct to customer. When ordering, please email a picture of your receiver to along with your order number.

Whelen CORE remote receiver for Miller Industries


Miller Industries

Miller Industries provides innovative towing equipment to towers worldwide. Miller Industries is the parent company of Century, Vulcan, Chevron, Holmes and more.