B/A Products Co. EZ Spinner – EZWHEEL45

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B/A Products Co. EZ Spinner – BA-EZWHEEL45

BA-EZWHEEL45 is designed for 4-5 lug vehicles. For 5-6 lug wheels, choose the BA-EZWHEEL56

B/A Products Co. EZ Spinner

Dealing with a vehicle that is stuck in some way or another can be fairly difficult, especially when you need to get it moved from one location to another in relatively short order. Such vehicles could be ones that have frozen brakes or no power whatsoever. When you need an easy, efficient, and effective mobility solution for such vehicles, then the EZ Spinner from B/A Products is the tool for you.

When using the EZ Spinner, you have the ability to move a wide array of different vehicles to where you need them to be without the necessity and difficulty of fixing brakes, getting a vehicle powered up, or addressing any number of other frustrating problems that would cause a vehicle to not move as it typically would.

Using the EZ Spinner

The EZ Spinner is designed with ease of use in mind. These top quality mobility tools are easily able to replace old fashioned tools like spinning hubs and dollies. When using the EZ Spinner, you are provided with bolts which are able to attach onto the hubs of the vehicle you need to move in a matter of just minutes. After that, you can move the disabled vehicle via pushing or pulling from its present location to where you need it to be, like a shop or onto a tow truck.

B/A’s EZ Spinner comes equipped with two universal wheels that enable operators to work with vehicles of several different numbers of lugs, which range from 4, to 5, to 6. For added convenience, every single EZ Spinner is capable of working with FWD, RWD, in addition to AWD vehicles. Additionally, EZ Spinner is able to work in conditions including inclines, gravel, and uneven pavement.

With that being said, the EZ Spinner is capable of acting as two different tools, depending on what your present needs are. First, the EZ Spinner can be utilized as a drivable roller wheel when the bolts that are utilized for securing the steel center of the wheel are put in. Additionally, the EZ Spinner can also be used as a spinner wheel in just 30 seconds when the aforementioned bolts have been removed. This can also be done when vertical on a vehicle.

EZ Spinner Cuts Down on Stand Time

When using the EZ Spinner from B/A Products Co., you can increase your shop’s overall efficiency by a considerable amount and cut down on cycle time. In turn, this gives you more space to work on other vehicles in the shop. Furthermore, EZ Spinner can be bolted onto the wheel of a stationary vehicle in a matter of minutes and can be used on vehicles that weight up to 8,800 lbs or less. Should you need it to, the EZ Spinner can be driven at 5 mph (not for use on a road). Using two EZ Spinners with a stationary vehicle, you can get them onto a tow truck or over to a shop in considerably less time.


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