Miller Industries 1/2″ EDOG Eliminator GR100 Chain Bridle

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The Miller Industries 1/2″ x 16′ EDOG Eliminator by Crosby combines selected features and functionality of a master link, connecting link, grab hook and adjuster legs to provide you with one fitting that is suitable for applications that require an adjustable length chain sling.


  • 1/2″ x 16′ GR100 legs
  • Forged Alloy Steel – Quenched and Tempered
  • Innovative two piece design allows for maximum flexibility
  • Individually Proof Tested with certification
  • The Crosby ELIMINATOR®, with properly installed and locked latch pin, can be used for personnel lifting applications and meets the intent of OSHA Rule 1926.1431(g)(1)(i) (A) and 1926.1501(g)(4)(iv)(B).
  • Engineered to accommodate optional locking pins that can be inserted to “lock” the shortened chain legs into place
  • Fatigue rated at 1-1/2 times the Working Load Limit at 20,000 cycles.
Weight65 lbs


Miller Industries

Miller Industries provides innovative towing equipment to towers worldwide. Miller Industries is the parent company of Century, Vulcan, Chevron, Holmes and more.


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