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Miller Industries Knee Boom Underlift

New Knee Boom Underlift

Miller Industries now provides towers with a new enhanced rear underlift boom for towing casualty vehicles. With the release of the new enhanced “Knee Boom” style of underlift, Miller Industries is now able to provide Rotator configurations to further meet the diverse needs within the towing industry.

The Miller Industries™ Knee Boom, currently available in both the standard “Street Low Rider” configuration and the upgraded “Coach Low Rider” configuration which offers a 55,000 lb. towing capacity at the fully retracted length of 83 ½ inches. The Knee Boom reach, with the Coach Low Rider, maxes out at 173 inches supporting 18,000 lbs. at full extension in the towing position, while the standard “Street Low Rider” configuration offers 16 inches less reach and overhang. The Knee Boom is designed to provide an industry leading -23° to +16° tilt factor, providing for clearance versatility on extreme downhill or inclined surfaces. The options of 35,000 lb. and 50,000 lb. drag winches complement the already robust features of this Knee Boom.

The Knee Boom also leads the industry by boasting an impressive 45-inch max horizontal height. If that wasn’t enough, the new Knee Boom, at normal towing height, allows for the recovery boom to be lowered to an impressive 12 ft. 2 in. travel height with no contact to the elevated Knee Boom, making this a clear best for road travel and underpass clearance. The Miller Industries™ Knee Boom has been industry tested across the globe in both civilian and military applications.

The new Knee Boom underlift is available on the Century® 1135 and 1140 rotators, as well as the revolutionary Century® 1150 and Vulcan® 950 series rotators with standard and RXP configurations.

According to John L. Hawkins, Vice President of Heavy Duty Wrecker Sales for Miller Industries; “There has been no new product offering from Miller Industries like the introduction for domestic sales of the “Knee Boom underlift”. The reason; the decades of product knowledge with our European partners and the detailed demands from over six Military contracts.  All of this background, allowed the design team to offer a better lifting arc, reduced interference with the recovery boom, greater tilting capacity, a low profile with the “Low Rider” underlift, a horizontal lift almost double that of the SDU, and little if any effects to the demands of the recovery boom.” This option will not only maximize the trucks ability to tow varying casualty vehicles, but will also provide towers with enhanced options as they configure their trucks to better serve their geographical area and terrain.

The Century® and Vulcan® rotators are large wreckers featuring 360° of continuous boom rotation, a 3-stage recovery boom, optional deck and turret mounted winches, as well as field tested and proven SDU-4 and now Knee Boom underlifts. With the Knee Boom outfitted, these rotators are also available in the RXP platforms featuring side mounted retractable hydraulic stiff leg outriggers for increased stability when handling tough side recoveries. The 1150 and 950 rotators also feature the new patent pending Raptor Wireless Proportional Control System which includes an information screen with load sensing functions.

For more information on the Knee Boom, please Michael at Bressler’s, Inc. – (610) 286-6013, or

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