The Dream Equipment Hauler

We are proud to show you this featured truck built by Bressler’s, Inc.

Janeway Towing Inc in Conshohocken, PA wanted a well-appointed equipment hauler loaded with everything you’d want in a serious heavy-duty rollback. The carrier’s 28 ft bed length goes on for days, and Vulcan’s exclusive LCG (Low Center of Gravity) bed provides a stable load and lots of headroom.

Vulcan 20-Series LCG Rollback for Janeway Towing

Vulcan 20-Series LCG Carrier

The Vulcan 20-Series LCG Carrier is a killer heavy-duty rollback that is uniquely versatile from every-day towing to equipment transport to general freight. Janeway chose a beautiful Kenworth T-440X with a Vulcan 20-Series LCG 28′ bed for this well-appointed boss’s truck in their signature Emerald Green and Metallic Silver color scheme. The 20-series LCG is nimble enough to maneuver easily and light enough to allow more scalable load capacity than a larger tri-axle truck, but has the braun to haul anything they choose to throw at it. This truck is ready to work.

Featured Options

  • Kenworth T-440X (extended cab) chassis with Miller-spec appointments
  • 28′ foot Vulcan 20-Series LCG Carrier
  • 6,000 lb. wheel lift with dock stabilizer
  • More than 50 securement points!
  • 68″ frame-mounted pylon with chain pocket base
  • Lockable chain storage racks, pylon mounted
  • 20,000 lb. planetary gear winch
  • Galvanized subframe
  • Lodar 2-function wireless remote system (winch)
  • Chevron 65″ toolboxes
  • Bressler’s, Inc. Miller Side Basket Stainless Steel Dress Up Panel
  • Mid-body strobe light kit
  • Bressler’s, Inc. flasher kit for all bed lights
  • LCG Mudflap brackets/protectors
  • Dual reverse camera kit
  • Short fork adapter kit
  • Elevated fork holder
  • Offset fork adapters
  • LCG Pintle Hitch storage bracket
  • Wireless tow lights

Will all of these added options, this truck will make the work day feel a little bit less like work. We were thrilled to build such a unique configuration for Janeway Towing. Our truck builders take pride in offering our customers perfectly-installed value-added options to make a truck exactly what the customer wants it to be.

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Vulcan 20-Series LCG

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