Vulcan 882 Wrecker – 4×4 Boss’s Truck

We are proud to show you this featured truck built by Bressler’s, Inc.

Bill’s Emergency Roadside Service is based in Reading, PA is a long-time customer of Bressler’s, Inc. Bill’s fleet runs round-the-clock helping AAA customers, so its equipment must be ready to perform at any moment. That’s why Bill relies on Bressler’s, Inc. for service and support, and knows the value in buying local from a company you know will back what it sells. That’s why Bill’s Emergency Roadside Service bought it’s new Ram 5500 and Vulcan 882 from Bressler’s, Inc.

Thank you Bill for your continued business, and for recognizing Bressler’s Builds it Better. 

Vulcan 882 Wrecker

The Vulcan 882 Wrecker offers several configurations to meet the demands of all different towing companies. With it’s adjustable-width modular bodies available in carbon, stainless steel, aluminum or composite, the Vulcan 882 can be configured into whatever best fits the demands of your tow calls.

Bill’s Emergency Roadside Service built this unit to be a boss’s truck for its owner-operator Bill. Bill chose a loaded Ram 5500 SLT cab with a gigantic screen and backup camera for maximum visibility when approaching a scene. Our wrecker assembly shop added a ton of custom lights, strobes and a body flasher module to light this unit up and allow it to be seen on even the most dangerous roadsides. The customer chose a 94″ aluminum modular body, 24″ tunnel box, Vulcan OEM dress up kit, In-The-Ditch Speed Dollies with tunnel-box mounted axle storage, HID LED projector headlights and more. This is a truly awesome truck that will turn heads all over the place.

The Vulcan 882 light-duty wrecker has a boom rating of 16,000 lbs. and a 10,000 lb. underlife. The unit features two 8,000 lb. winches. The low-profile recovery booms are fabricated from four plates of high-tensile steel to save weight without sacrificing strength. Vulcan modular units include the same features that have made Vulcan the number one choice for conventional light-duty units such as separate control stations for wheel lift and boom controls, tailboard storage for wheel retainers and Vulcan’s reliable wheel lift design with Vulcan’s patented wheel retainers.  Visit your local Vulcan distributor to see for yourself why your next light duty unit should be a Vulcan.

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