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Century 3212 G2 Medium Duty Wrecker



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Boom Structural Rating (S.A.E.)

16 TON

Underlift Tow Rating:

12,000 lbs.

Winch Rating & Wire Rope:

15,000 lbs.

Century 3212 G2 Medium Duty Wrecker

This could be one of the most versatile units in your fleet. The Century 3212 G2 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors and motor homes.

With multi-positional rear jacks, dual 15,000 lb planetary winches and a 16-ton recovery boom the 3212 G2 is more than just another tow truck. This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs, including side pulls. At last, a medium-duty towing and recovery unit with many of the same features found in Century’s heavy-duty models



  • 84” Aluminum Modular Body with Rubber Mounting Isolators
  • 3 Compartments Per Side
  • Manual Controls – Driver’s & Passenger Side
  • Lanyard Controls for Underlift & Boom on the Passenger Side
  • Chrome Double Action Latches with Keyless Lock/Unlock
  • 4,000 lb & 6,000 lb L-Arms with Pivoting Receivers
  • Dual 15,000 lb Planetary Winches
  • Winch Air Free Spool
  • Cable Tensioners
  • 4 Sets of Lift Forks & Fork Holders
  • Safety Chains in Tailboard
  • Gas Door Shocks
  • Federal Standard 108 Lighting
  • LED Body Lighting
  • 360 Degree Sheave Head
  • Low Profile Crossbar
  • Hydraulic Rear Jacks with Flipper Feet
  • Tailboard “D” Rings
  • Air & Electrical Hookups
  • LED Tool Compartment Lighting
  • Cable Tiebacks
  • Mud Flaps


  • 120” or 138” CA Low Profile CX2 Body
  • Airshift PTO
  • Light Bar
  • In-Cab Controls
  • Additional Lifting Attachments
  • Installation
  • Underlift Tailboard Controls
  • Wireless Remote
  • Work Lights
  • Light Pylon (Steel or Aluminum)
  • Wide Load Light Bar
  • 24”, 36”, or 48” Aluminum Saddle Box (N/A with optional CX2 Body)
  • Chain Kit
  • Manual Extension Rear Outriggers


Boom RatingRetracted32,000 lbs.
Boom RatingExtended12,000 lbs.
Maximum Angle36°
Maximum Hook Height160”
Maximum Reach Past Tailboard at 30°54”
Winch Rating & Wire Rope
Rating (First Layer, Each Winch)15,000 lbs.
Diameter and Length (Each Winch)1/2” x 150’
Type6 x 37 IWRC
Fully RetractedWith Forks12,000 lbs.
Fully ExtendedWith Forks8,500 lbs.
Retracted or Extended with L-Arms6,000 lbs. / 4,000 lbs.
Reach to Center of Fork Holder at Normal Tow Position84”
Positive Tilt20°
Negative Tilt10°
Tow Rating32,000 lbs.
Recommended Minimum* Chassis Specifications
GVWR26,500 lbs. – 31,000 lbs.
Minimum Cab to Axle (Clear)84″
Maximum Cab to Axle (Clear)138”
Maximum Frame Height40”
Maximum Tire Size275/70 R 22.5

*All recommendation are minimums, heavier specifications may be required depending on chassis and equipment weight. Consult our sales staff for additional information and to pick the perfect chassis for this truck.

Important: All ratings are based on structural factors only, not vehicle capacities or capabilities. Specifications shown are approximations and may vary depending on chassis selected. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. or Bressler’s, Inc. reserves the right to change or modify product and/or specifications without notice or obligation. Some equipment shown is optional.

*MSRP listed is Miller Industries’ Suggested Retail Price for the body/equipment only. Amount shown does not include discounted sale price, chassis, installation, options, accessories, paint, freight, delivery, federal and local tax, state safety and emissions inspection, etc. All prices are subject to change without prior notice. For accurate quote on this or any equipment, please contact our sales department.

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