Diversified Recovery Century 312

Century 312 Auto Loader

This Century 312 G2 is an excellent example of our personal approach to building wreckers and rollbacks. This truck is built exactly to our customer’s specification. Meticulous attention to detail is what it took to get things perfect for Diversified Recovery Towing. It’s what we do every day here at Bressler’s, Inc.

This build began with a loaded RAM 5500 SLT 4-wheel-drive chassis with a Cummins diesel and automatic transmission, an upgraded infotainment system, and factory integrated backup camera. We installed pillar-mounted LED search lights with interior adjustments.

The wrecker is a Century 312 G2 with power tilt. This auto loader is equipped with aluminum body sides, and the deck is finished with our exclusive color-matched bed liner option. We installed the factory steel pylon, added marker lights on a flasher module, and custom fabricated pylon wings with miniature LED light bars and adjustable work lights installed. The pylon is topped with a Federal Signal Discrete LED light bar on a fold-down bracket to allow the customer to retrieve vehicles from low-clearance parking garages. We mounted fire extinguishers where they’re quickly accessible inside the pylon uprights. There’s a pair of work lights mounted high, too. This truck will light up the dark.

Mounted on the deck are GoJaks using In The Ditch ITD1244 GoJak tray mounts. Behind them, we mounted Collins SL-AD4 Ultra Lightweight Dollies on Collins SLDM Self-Loading Dolly Mounts that provide the operator quick and ergonomic access to dollies. The dollies’ aluminum axles are deck-mounted too.

This Century 312 is proof you can carry a lot of equipment even without a tunnel box or extended/crew cab chassis. The operator has everything needed to perform a diverse range of jobs but with the convenience of a short wheelbase and lots of visibility.

This twin-line 8-ton Century 312 wrecker also has the factory tow sling option.

Four grille-mounted LED warning lights complement the three light bars and marker light flasher module to make this truck extremely visible on the roadside. An array of work lights provides near-360° illumination on all sides of the truck.

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Century 312 G2 PT Auto Load Wrecker

For the professional operator who demands a durable auto-load unit for high volume towing without sacrificing the capabilities to handle tough light-duty recovery work. The Century Express Series Generation II provides the total answer in this all new high performance package.

With increased rear visibility, positive and negative power tilt with limiter switches, a low profile crossbar with recessed pins and redesigned jaws, the operator can quickly and easily hook up to most vehicles from the safety and comfort of the cab of the truck.

The Century Express Series Generation II features a hydraulic extendable recovery boom, twin lift cylinders, single or dual 8,000 lb winches, along with passenger and driver side manual control stations that provide the operator with recovery capabilities not usually found in most auto-load units.

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Century 312 Light Duty Integrated Self-Loading Wrecker

Century 312 G2 Wrecker

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Why buy from Bressler’s, Inc.

At other dealers: you get what you get.

At Bressler’s, Inc., you get what you want.

Since 2005, Bressler’s, Inc. has been a Miller Industries distributor of wreckers, rollbacks, and rotators for towing companies in Pennsylvania and beyond.

Our customers choose to buy from us not only for our ability build them a wrecker or rollback to their exact specifications, but because we’re honest, and continually go the extra mile to provide after-sale support, and ensure a customer’s investment in quality towing equipment pays them back for many years.

What sets Bressler’s, Inc. apart from other distributors is that we assemble Miller Industries towing equipment in-house, focusing on Built-To-Order equipment tailored to our customers’ individual business needs.

We believe every towing company is unique, and that a one-size-fits-all approach to equipment isn’t what’s best for our customers. We listen to you and strive to build you the best tool for the job you need to do.

Buy your next truck from Bressler’s, Inc. and we’re confident we’ll earn your trust and business for every truck after that.

Why build-to-order?

Most towing equipment dealers stock a bunch of trucks that probably aren’t exactly what you want. What they have is what you get.

For our first 30 years in business, Bressler’s, Inc. was a 24-hour towing company. We know that as a towing company owner, you have very little control over most things in your life: when the phone will ring, when you have a day off (what’s that???), or what holiday you will have to miss.

We believe that one thing you can control is your next wrecker purchase.

Don’t settle (and likely overpay) for whatever truck is sitting on a lot somewhere. Work with our sales staff to make smart choices on your next wrecker, rollback or rotator and build the perfect truck for your business.

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Bressler’s, Inc. offers American-Made Towing Equipment built exactly to our customers’ demands.

We don’t just sell you what’s sitting on our lot, we build you what you need to get the job done. And after you buy your next wrecker or rollback from Bressler’s, Inc., we stand behind it by offering product support, equipment repair, and parts and accessories whenever you need it.

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A one stop shop! We started a small towing division at RLE and the experience has been great. One phone call to place the order and one phone call to come pickup your new piece of equipment! Ron and his family are awesome to deal with just like Chris and the boys in the shop! Thanks guys keep up the good work!

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I had a great experience buying my most recent heavy-duty wrecker from Bressler’s, Inc. I can’t think of a single complaint. They offer good service, and anytime I need anything they answer my call. I will definitely buy from them again in the future.

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Bressler’s made it easy to spec and equip our trucks. They took the time to show us all the options and explain everything very well to us. When we received our trucks they had everything installed and equipped and were ready to go to work – we didn’t have to do a thing! You could not ask for better service.

JE Herring Motor Co.
Bresslers has always provided us with an excellent, honest service whether we need parts for our trucks or simply just advice. We look forward to working with them in the years to come.
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We have long-term relationships with several finance partners who understand the unique characteristics of the towing and recovery industry. Interest rates on new wreckers are at an all-time low.

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