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Each year, the staff at Bressler’s, Inc. pleases thousands of customers across all of its divisions by putting people first. If you were happy with the service you received from Bressler’s, Inc., we’d love to hear about it. Even more, you can help others find our service by leaving a positive review on any of the popular review platforms shown below.

In our towing division, our drivers carry business cards with their names printed on them. We love to hear about our individual drivers who’ve made a positive difference in your day. Please contact us to rant and rave about our great staff and we’ll be sure to pass on the praise!

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We are known for going above and beyond to help our customers. Our company mantra has always been “do the right thing.” However we are human, and sometimes we fall short. If you would like to contact a manager, either anonymously or requesting a callback, please submit the form below. We ask that you do this rather than give us a negative review, as most situations can be rectified with communication and understanding.

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Deborah Pomroy Moyer
Deborah Pomroy Moyer
22:12 25 Aug 17
Thanks to Steve for his courteous service and changing our tire on the turnpike.
Shane Hartman
Shane Hartman
17:52 03 Aug 17
Have heard great things from others and experienced that first hand the other day. They lived up to the word of mouth. I called in several times to check on the driver and was given very accurate information (location and eta). The driver had a good attitude and was very quick to load/unload.
Miss McCrossin
Miss McCrossin
16:22 01 Aug 17
My husband and I broke down on the turnpike last night at 1 am with 2 dogs in the backseat. We were far from home and stressed about the dogs being in the back. Tyler, from Bressler was kind, professional, helpful, and informative about what was going on with the car and protocol for us to get home. He was quick with taking car of the situation and got us home safely. This is the kind of service you need when you are i one of these stressful situations. Thank you Tyler!
Joe Faust
Joe Faust
17:06 25 Jul 17
No personal experience with them, but rather some bad habits i observed as a professional. At 09:50 on 7/25/17, i observed a medium duty wrecker towing a small Uhaul truck into their Morgantown location. Safety chains we're not crossed and the rear light bar must have been switched off. Then the same day at approximately 12:45, i observed a heavy wrecker hauling a large box truck east on Rt12. This time, there was no light bar present whatsoever. In short, you get what you pay for. I work for a reputable outfit that doesn't cut corners and compromise safety. Use caution with these people.
Zachariah Nauss
Zachariah Nauss
15:24 24 Feb 17
Bressler's Inc has helped me on two occasions now and both times I received exceptional care. I was towing a 16 ft trailer and had a wheel bearing go bad leaving me stranded 45 minutes from home. I called them and described my situation, I also had two children with me. They we able to dispatch one of their trucks quickly that had seating for all of us and was able to tow my truck plus hook up the trailer to their truck and get everything to my home. Their drivers were quick hooking up and friendly. I would recommend them to anyone who needs a tow.
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