Century 3212: 4×4 Medium-Duty Monster

We are proud to show you this featured truck built by Bressler’s, Inc.

Here at Bressler’s, Inc. we think there’s no better last-name in the towing industry than “Bressler.” If you asked the folks at Bressler’s Garage in Loganton, PA, we tend to think they’d agree. We affectionately know them as “The Other Bresslers,” and our dispatchers have their phone number memorized as we often get their calls, and they ours.

However, when they were ready to order this new Freightliner M2 4×4 Century 3212 medium-duty wrecker, they definitely called the right Bressler for the job.

Century 3212 Wrecker

The Century 3212 Medium-Duty Wrecker is one of the most versatile medium-duty wreckers available on the market today.

The Century 3212 G2 is designed with the capability of towing a wide range of vehicles, from passenger cars, vans, city tractors and motor homes. With multi-positional rear jacks, dual 15,000 lb planetary winches and a 16-ton recovery boom the 3212 G2 is more than just another tow truck.  This unit was designed to handle a wide variety of recovery jobs, including side pulls. At last, a medium-duty towing and recovery unit with many of the same features found in Century’s heavy-duty models.

This particular truck was built for the customers’ regular appetite of 4×4 oilfield service trucks, pipeline vehicles and more. In their mountainous area of central Pennsylvania, Bressler’s Garage often finds itself being requested to tow vehicles off of treacherous roads especially in the winter. This truck’s manual trans, 4×4 drive and air suspension makes it incredibly versatile.

Featured Options

  • 2020 Freightliner M2 Extended Cab
  • 13-Speed Allison Transmission
  • 4-Wheel Drive
  • Century 3212 G2 84″ CA Medium-Duty Wrecker 16-ton
  • Aluminum modular body
  • 48″ tunnel box
  • Stainless-steel dress-up kit
  • Seamless toolbox mat
  • Flashing warning door light kit
  • Whelen 72″ LED 16-head Light Bar
  • 10-Piece LED Toolbox strip light kit
  • LED Swivel work lights
  • Dual Camera Kit w/ 7″ Monitor
  • 5th Wheel/King Pin adapter kit
  • Splatter coat paint
  • Wireless tow light bar
  • Wireless controls
  • Aluminum tube pylon

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