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Auto Body Shop

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Auto Body Shop2022-08-16T12:46:15-04:00

Auto Body SHop in Mohnton, PA

Your Honest Local body shop

Bressler’s, Inc. offers paint and collision repair at its modern facility in Mohnton, PA.

In our 30+ years in the paint and collision repair business, we’ve seen a lot of methods, trends and products change, but our commitment to offering our customers honest service, superior workmanship, and a high-quality product has remained the same.

Bressler’s, Inc. doesn’t aim to be a high-volume shop, but rather one that prides itself on taking the time necessary to restore a vehicle to pre-accident conditions, and to reunite the customer with the vehicle they know and love.

Call for Service

Click the button below to call our direct line for
auto repair, or dial (610) 856-7304.


Submit a Service Request

Click the button below to submit a service request directly to a mechanic, and receive a response via phone or e-mail.


Auto Body Shop Services

Bressler’s, Inc. has over 30 years experience in paint and collision repair. Our Green Hills facility in Mohnton, PA is a well-equipped full service body shop. Our 50 foot heated, down-draft spray booth is made by CMC and imported from Italy, and can accommodate everything from a small car, motorcycle, or industrial parts to a full-size heavy-duty wrecker.

Below are some of the services we offer:

  • Free Estimates
  • Collision Repair
  • Auto Body Repair
  • Accident Repair and Restoration
  • Custom Automotive Paint
  • Bumper, hood and fender repair
  • Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)
  • Spray on truck bedliner
  • Hail Damage Repair
  • Commercial vehicle and large truck paint
  • Commercial vehicle collision repair
  • Corporate and fleet paint and collision repair
  • Rental fleet repair

Customer Conveniences

Automotive paint and collision repair can feel like a hassle. We know that taking your car to the body shop can be inconvenient. At Bressler’s, Inc. Auto Body Shop, we offer a few simple conveniences that reduce the hassle of getting your car fixed:

  • Secure 24-hour vehicle drop-off
  • Pay your bill online, over the phone, or in-person

  • Convenient vehicle local pickup and drop-off service available for drivable and non-functioning vehicles: including commercial vehicles!
  • Rental car pickup assistance

Featured Technicians:

Josh D.


Favorite Paint Code:
Deep Impact Blue

Ronnie S.


Favorite Paint Code:
Supersonic Blue

Chris L.


Favorite Paint Code:

What you should know about Insurance Claims:

Bressler’s, Inc. is one of very few body remaining that choose not to be contractually linked to an insurance company. This means that we work for you, our customer, to ensure your vehicle is fixed to your satisfaction and using OEM parts whenever possible to restore your vehicle to pre-loss conditions and maintain its investment value. Most insurance companies have a Direct Repair Program (DRP) in place with specific collision shops. It is illegal for an insurance company to make you use one of these DRP shops, but the insurance company will strongly suggest you use one of these shops because it is most beneficial to the insurance company. The risk you take in using a DRP shop is that your insurance company will dictate the scope of repair these shops are allowed to do. Your car will be repaired and made road worthy again at one of these other shops, but may have been done so using cheap aftermarket parts and by a technician who is incentivized to do things as quickly as possible rather than as thoroughly as possible. All this is done in the name of cost savings for the insurance company, but hastily-completed work using cheap parts may lead to problems with corrosion and poor fitment down the road, thus hurting the value of your vehicle.

At Bressler’s, Inc., we will advocate for you; our customer. We can work with your insurance company to communicate why Original Manufacturer Equipment (OEM) parts are important in maintaining your investment. Our staff is not paid by flat rate, but rather our crew takes pride in doing a job right and satisfying our customers.

If you have any questions, please contact our body shop at (610) 856-7304.

The Repair Process:

Jeep Compass with Rear End Damage

Bressler’s, Inc. will schedule an appointment with you to assess your vehicle and prepare a free computerized repair estimate. The estimate includes time, materials and parts required to restore your vehicle to pre-loss condition. If you’re working with an insurance company for your repair, you’ll be provided a copy of this estimate to give to your insurance company for approval. If you’re paying out of pocket, you’ll have some idea of how much to expect your repair to cost.

After your repair estimate has been approved, our technicians will begin the repair process by disassembling the affected area by removing all necessary panels, glass, trim, seats, etc. Our technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle for any signs of damage not visible in the original inspection and discuss any adjustments with you or your insurance company. We spend as much time as necessary inspecting parts of your car that you may never see to ensure a proper repair is made that will not lead to corrosion down the road, ensuring you maintain as much value possible in your vehicle after a loss.

Once disassembly is finished, structural and body repairs will be completed using high-quality parts and tested processes to restore your vehicle to pre-accident condition. All metal straightening and repair is completed at this time.

Paint preparation is the most important step in restoring your car to a factory finish. Our technician spend extensive time working your vehicle’s panels to ensure they’re perfectly prepped, primed and sealed to ensure the final paint and clear coat adhere smoothly and with the desired finish result.

After the paint has cured, our crew works to meticulously reassemble your vehicle to factory standards and fitment. All molding, glass, panels, etc. are reinstalled and the vehicle is thoroughly cleaned, washed and inspected for final delivery.

Then, the best part! You are reunited with the vehicle you love! It looks better than ever, and is back to perfect for you to enjoy.

Let’s get started:

Are you ready to schedule your next auto repair with Bressler’s, Inc. in Morgantown, PA?

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