Announcement: Bressler’s, Inc. to sell Towing Division to V&M Towing

Announcement: Bressler’s, Inc. to sell Towing Division to V&M Towing


Posted: September 27, 2019

MORGANTOWN, PA – For over 30 years, Bressler’s Inc. has been fortunate to serve customers through our 24/7 towing, recovery and roadside assistance services. Since the beginning, our focus has been on our customers and we feel blessed to have formed so many enduring relationships with people like you.

Today, Bressler’s Inc. is in its second generation, and we’re looking ahead to the future. Since our early days in the 1980’s, we’ve expanded our service offerings to include towing equipment sales, service and upfitting, trucking, and transport. As a team, we’ve carried the same customer focus and desire for excellence into these ancillary divisions of our business, and with much gratitude, we’ve witnessed steady growth. As we look ahead to the future of Bressler’s, our family recognized a shared desire to refocus our efforts within specific areas of the business, so that we can continue to grow and serve our employees and customers at the highest levels.

After much prayerful thought and consideration, earlier this year we entered into an agreement with V&M Towing of Reading, PA, for V&M to acquire our full-scale towing operation. We believe that this transition of a piece of our business is consistent with the future vision for Bressler’s Inc. and most importantly, it guarantees that our customers and employees servicing the towing operation, will continue to be in very capable hands.

V&M has been in business for over 50 years and is third-generation owned and operated by Vince & Cherie James, and their son Matt. Vince, Cherie and Matt have become close friends of the Bressler family, and we’ve come to know and trust their strong character, professionalism and abiding passion for the towing industry. We feel very confident that Vince, Cherie, and Matt are the right people to assume leadership of our respected team of towing professionals. The acquisition of the Bressler’s Towing operation, combined with V&M’s already well-established reputation and fleet, will make V&M the largest, most mature towing, recovery, and roadside assistance operation in Lancaster and Berks counties, with an unparalleled combination of talent and equipment.

Over the next few months, we will be working in close partnership with V&M to ensure a smooth transition. As a customer, you can expect the same high-level of customer service from the same faces and voices you’re used to, but with the added strength of our two companies pulling together into the future. V&M will continue forward with our dispatchers, operators, processes and technology coupled with their incredible skill in towing, recovery and road service. The new operation will boast 4 rotators, 10 heavy-duty wreckers, 12 rollbacks, 3 light-duty wreckers, 4 road service units and an extensive selection of specialty equipment to service your needs from 5 locations across Berks County and beyond. We are so excited to be able to offer this amazing opportunity as the future of our towing service.

Bressler’s, Inc. will remain a strong presence in the towing industry. Rest assured, we will be continuing our focus on the towing equipment sales and service, trucking, and transport divisions of our business, and will continue to put our support behind V&M Towing. We’ll be especially laser-focused on our Towing Equipment Sales, Service and Parts divisions and look forward to continued growth and success providing our customers with a uniquely high level of customer service and made-to-order wreckers, rollbacks and rotators. Bressler’s Inc. is a Miller Industries towing equipment distributor of Century, Vulcan and Holmes product lines with two production facilities serving Pennsylvania and beyond.

Please contact us at (610) 286-6013 with any questions or concerns you may have. Media inquiries may contact us at

On behalf of all of us at Bressler’s Inc., we would like to thank you for your business and your trust in us. It has been an honor to serve our towing customers. The team at V&M looks forward to carrying on the legacy of our towing division, and we look forward to a future of continually serving our valued customers in our remaining divisions.

The Bressler and James Families of Bressler's, Inc. and V&M Towing.

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